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Dymostar titanium knee slider

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Motorradfahrer auf einem weißem Motorrad in einer Linkskurve. Er trägt ein Dymostar Knieschleifer am Knie und schleift damit auf der Straße. Es sind sehr viele helle Funken hinter Ihm zu sehen.

Is knee dragging allowed?

You can also drag your knees in traffic . However, you have to pay particular attention to other road users. In contrast to the race track, someone can always be coming towards you on many roads. If you have your knee on the ground, it is more difficult to avoid or brake.

Why do Sparky knee sliders spark?

The bright sparks in the curve arise when Titan rubs the asphalt in the knee slider at high speed. The resulting chips are heated so much by the friction on the road that they instantly burn up brightly.

What is important about new motorcycle tires?

When breaking in motorcycle tires, you should also pay more attention to the tire pressure, as this ensures that the tires are broken in evenly . In order for the motorcycle tires to run in evenly, it is also important that the tires are optimally balanced.

What is the “fear strip” on a motorcycle?

A fear strip (or fat strip, fear edge, safety strip or in the English pussies strip) is the outermost area of ​​the tread of a motorcycle tire that is not used when cornering .

How long do DymoStar knee sliders last?

Typically around 830m at an incline of 55 degrees with medium to hard pressure around 200-350N/cm^2 at an outside temperature of 25 degrees. The road surface should not be older than 1 year and rarely used.