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Knee sliders | FALLOUT | DymoStar / DymStr

Knee sliders | FALLOUT | DymoStar / DymStr

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Plastic titanium knee sliders

LONGEVITY: ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️


A successful meltdown occurred thanks to an idiot who didn't have all the buttons under control at a nuclear power plant. Luckily we managed to fit parts of the nuclear reactor into our knee sliders. Now you can spread the fallout in the best corners in the world.

Thanks to our improved composite material , you get incredible feedback when sanding. Because this slider probably has the lowest resistance of all. An eye-catcher for both beginners and professionals.

With his frightening face and the titanium pins , this knee slider ensures that sparks fly. .

This slider is also equipped with our quality Velcro , which sticks so strongly that you can probably ONLY remove it from your pants with all your biker buddies and a tablespoon.

All in all, they are basically designed to cause trouble. 

Weight set: 0.5kg (the grinders are only available as a set)

All knee sliders are handmade and may vary slightly from the photos shown. This product is not approved in the StVO*. We exclude any liability for property damage.

*Driving wheelies and driving next to each other are not allowed according to the StVO and we do it anyway :)
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